BEV Share by Make

New BEV Registration

Over 75% of new full EVs registered in New Zealand are either MG, Hyundai, or Tesla.

The shape of the EV market is completely different to the non-EV market. A notable number of larger makes are missing from the BEV market (Ford, Toyota, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Honda for example).

Combining Used Imports

Including used imports shows the dominance of the Nissan Leaf as the primary used EV imported into NZ.

Growth Over Time

Growth of new EV brands has really only picked up in the last few years (which was previously dominated by used import Nissan Leafs). The MG marque has made inroads in 2021, with the Tesla Model 3 leading to a double in overall Tesla numbers.

By James Foster
Updated as at April 30, 2022