EV Market Share: New Cars

The new passenger car segment is evolving faster than any other New Zealand automotive market segment.

This report includes new passenger cars registered each month.

This segment belongs to the broader light vehicle market and does not include used imports, utes (light trucks), or light vans.

See the light vehicle market share report.

EV market share snapshot

New Car Registrations

June 2024

Percentage that were EVs


Market share by fuel type

The fuel type of new cars registered in NZ in the most recent month.

New car drilldown

New passenger cars are grouped by fuel type and car brand down to individual model numbers.

Click chart to drilldown

  • BEV – Battery-electric Vehicle
  • PHEV – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • The outer ring shows the market share of the entire new car market.
  • Drilling into a segment shows the brand market share within that segment.

What’s the market share of different fuel types?

New Zealand’s new car market is undergoing a transition.

The combination of a rebate scheme (introduced in 2021) and an increasing number of lower-priced EV models changed the car market. The scheme ended in December 2023 and was followed up by the introduction of Road User Charges for EVs (April 2024).

How has EV market share changed over time?

After solid growth years (2022-2023), market share has returned to similar levels as 2021.

New cars are just one segment of the market

New passenger cars are showing a transition to some form of electrification.

However, this is not reflected in the broader light vehicle market.

Around half of the vehicles added to the monthly register are used imports (vehicles that have already been driven for a number of years in another country).

Most of these used imports are petrol or hybrid vehicles (except for the Nissan Leaf EV). This reflects the Japanese Domestic Market, NZ’s primary used vehicle source market.

Another significant segment is the light commercial class of vehicles.

In this segment, over 75% of vehicles are utes (light trucks), most of which are diesel. The market share of these combustion vehicles has remained unchanged.

EV market updates + new makes and models

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