10 Cheapest Electric Cars in New Zealand

Find the cheapest EVs in both the new and used market, along with best value vehicles in terms of range.

Cheapest new EVs

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Last updated: 10 Dec 2023

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What is the cheapest electric vehicle with the longest range?

Comparing the WLTP range of an EV to its price allows for an assessment of a vehicle’s value in terms of price per km.


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Cheapest used EVs

The range listed is the theoretical maximum but is likely to be lower.

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Last updated: 10 Dec 2023

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How much does it cost to charge an EV at home in NZ?

It depends on your power plan and the EV you own. Given a unit price of 0.25 per kWh, it costs around $4.00 per 100 km of travel to charge at home.

Some electricity providers offer free hours or heavily discounted night rates, lowering costs further.

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Are EV charging stations free in NZ?

A small portion of public charging stations are free. However, they are slower chargers and often busy.

DC fast charging stations range from $0.50 to $0.85 per kWh, which equates to around $9 to $14.50 per 100 km of travel.

Why are EVs expensive?

Batteries are expensive to produce.

When will there be price parity?

Some EV models are reaching price parity with similar size and spec hybrids. This is mostly in the hatchback market.

Many EVs are expensive up front, but when you compare running costs over five years, the vehicle may work out cheaper. As diesel and petrol price rises, EV cost-of-ownership improves.

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