Compare Range vs Price

Although range is a single factor when choosing an EV, it is an important one. More so in the lower price range.

Compare range (WLTP) against the retail price of a new battery EV. The further above the trend line, the more ‘bang for your buck’ in terms of range.

This chart compares the price of new EVs (under $100,000) against their range.

Typically, the higher the price, the more range. The dotted line (trend line) shows the midpoint. Vehicles above this line show more value for money (in terms of range).

It’s no accident that the big three sellers (MG ZS, Tesla Model 3, and Hyundai Kona) sit well above the trend line.

The new Polestar vehicles (in particular the Polestar 2 Long Range) show outstanding range for the price. The Mazda MX-30 sits well below the trend, and may be the reason for its poor showing in the sales stats.

The chart also shows the new Peugeot e208 to be good value, being the best range per price of all hatchbacks.

EVs By Range: Cheapest to Most Expensive

Comparing the retail cost of each vehicle per 100 km of range (green bars have had the Clean Car Rebate applied).

At the end of 2021, Tesla Model 3 had a battery upgrade adding even more range (for the same price), putting it well on top of the range per price calculations.


By James Foster
Updated as at December 31, 2021