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The Kia Niro is a series of mid-size SUVs available in hybrid, plugin-hybrid, and full electric variations. The Niro was available in NZ from 2019 and received a major update in late 2022.


Kia Niro


The second-generation Niro has a slightly increased range but significant interior and exterior design upgrades. It has a small front trunk and can tow up to a 750 kg braked or a 300 kg unbraked trailer.

Two trims are available: Light and Water (+$7,000). Water offers V2L ability, fog lamps, composite leather interior, heated front seats, a larger 10.25″ screen, Harman Kardon 8-speaker sound system, and a wireless phone charger.

Note that only the top trim, “Water”, offers the V2L capability.


Range (WLTP)460 km


0-100 km/h7.8 s
Top Speed167 km/h
Total Power150 kW
DriveFront Wheel Drive

Range & Efficiency

WLTP Consumption162 Wh/km
Running Cost $4.05/100 km
Highway Range354 km
Economy 7.2 km/kWh

Real range estimator

Real range409 km

Type of driving

All urban
(< 80 km/h)
All highway
(100 km/h)

Outside temperature

17 °C

Battery & Charging

Battery68 kWh / 64.8 kWh
AC speed (max)11 kW
DC speed (max)80 kW
V2L Interior1 x NZ Socket
V2L ExteriorType 2 (adaptor)


Tow Rating300 kg / 750 kg
Boot Space475 L / 1392 L
Frunk20 L
ShapeSmall SUV
Length4420 mm
Width1825 mm
Height1570 mm
Kerb Weight1727 kg

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These model(s) are only available second-hand, either locally, or as used imports.

Kia Niro (2019-2022)


The first generation of Kia Niro EV was available from 2019- 2022. In March 2022, Kia NZ reported that all new Niro EVs were sold out for 2022. The next generation Niro EV was available from 2022 onwards.

This first-generation Niro EV offered three trim levels; the basic EX. The mid-level SX includes mid-spec a larger 10.25-inch touchscreen, sat nav, and JBL audio.

The top-end Premium variant adds heated and ventilated seats, a heated steering wheel, and wireless charging.

See the spec sheet here.


Used Price (est.)$45k+
Range (WLTP)455 km


0-100 km/h7.8 s
Top Speed167 km/h
Total Power150 kW
DriveFront Wheel Drive

Range & Efficiency

WLTP Consumption164 Wh/km
Running Cost $4.10/100 km
Highway Range350 km
Economy 7.1 km/kWh

Battery & Charging

Battery67.5 kWh / 64 kWh
AC speed (max)7.2 kW
DC speed (max)77 kW


Tow Rating- / -
Boot Space451 L / 1405 L
ShapeSmall SUV
Length4375 mm
Width1805 mm
Height1570 mm
Kerb Weight1812 kg
All Time
Last 12 months

The Kia Niro is the 10th best selling new battery electric vehicle (of all time) - in New Zealand. Over the past 12 months, the Kia Niro was the 10th best selling new EV.

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How many Kia Niro's have been sold in NZ?

There have been 1,319 Kia Niro's registered in NZ to date. This is made up of 99.9% NZ new and 0.1% used import.

How many sold per month and year

Kia Niro registrations per month and year, (NZ new and used imports combined).

How many of each submodel is there?

How many units of each major model variation (NZ new only) have been registered to date.

EV LIGHT 460 64KWH574
EV WATER 460 64KWH272
EV EX 455 150KW/EV194
EV SX 455 150KW/EV119
EV EX 455 64KWH/EV80
EV PREMIUM 455 150KW37
EV SX 455 64KWH/EV35
EV EX 289 100KW/EV7
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