EV Public Charging: Stations, Prices, and Operators

The charging network in New Zealand is not a single utility; it comprises multiple operators and payment systems.

July 22, 2024       8 min read
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A charger can be AC (slower, cheaper; most require your own cable) or DC (faster, more expensive, cable not needed).

Public charging operators in New Zealand

Public charging stations are managed by different operators. To charge your vehicle, you will need to use an app (except for Plug and Save – accepts contactless payment).

Nationwide coverage, fast (> 150 kW) chargers


Over 370+ charging points.

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Z Energy

Integrated into Z service stations.

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Integrated into BP service stations.

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Superchargers + Destination. Some are open to non-Tesla vehicles.

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Smaller operators


Nationwide. Mostly AC chargers.

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AC chargers. Predominantly Waikato.

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Northern Waikato

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AC + DC chargers.

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Predominantly Auckland. 25 kW DC chargers.

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Plug and Save

Some DC chargers in North Island. Accepts paywave.

Can also use the Nova Charge Hub app

In the Wellington region, there is a small selection of chargers managed by Thundergrid.

Public charging prices

If charging at an AC charging point, you can predict the time and cost using the calculator.

Charging NetworkAC per kWhDC per kWhPer Minute chargeIdle Fees
ChargeNet$0.40$0.80 – $0.85$1 / minute*
Z Energy$0.79
Tesla Supercharger ****Varies (up to $1.15 for non-Teslas, $0.81 for Teslas or subscribers). Check Tesla app for pricing$1 – $2 / minute
Plug and Save$0.75
OpenLoop $0.25 – $0.50$0.25 +
We.EV $0.70
Zero $0.50Varies (typically $0.25 / kWh + $0.15 / minute)
JoltFree***$0.47$1 / minute
* 5-minutes free before an idle fee
** Variable pricing: some BP charge points may offer lower prices during off-peak times.
*** Free for first 7 kWh.
**** Some chargers are open to non-Tesla vehicles

Data from Z Energy shows an average charging session is 20.3 kWh.

Partnerships with power providers

Many NZ energy companies collaborate with charging networks, bringing discounts and unified payment options.

Power CompanyCharging NetworkBenefit
GenesisChargenetCombined billing using Genesis power plan’s ‘per kWh’ day and night rates.
EV Plan includes a $200 credit or free AC charging cable (for use at Zero chargers).OpenLoopAdd charging sessions to Octopus bill
Octopus EnergyChargeNetAdd charging sessions to Octopus bill
Nova?Add charging sessions to Nova bill
MeridianZeroEV Plan includes either a $200 credit or free AC charging cable (for use at Zero chargers).
Electric KiwiDiscount on EVNEX home smart charger installation.
Electric KiwiChargenetAdd charging sessions to Electric Kiwi bill
AA SmartfuelChargenetEarn credits for Chargenet based on fuel credits earned
CardlinkChargenet + existing petrol stationsAllows business fleet vehicles to have everything on a single invoice.

EV charging stations in New Zealand

How do you find the nearest charger?

  • EVRoam (NZTA)
    Maintains maps of fast chargers.
  • Plugshare
    Extensive coverage of all kinds of chargers.
  • ABRP
    Plan a road trip that includes the best charging stops.

Both Google Maps and Apple Maps have charging stations.

For a statistical overview of New Zealand’s charging network, visit the EECA EV Charger Dashboard.

How do I charge an electric car at a public charging station?

On the fast chargers (ChargeNet, Z Energy, BP), it’s like fueling at a petrol pump:

  1. Park the car so the charging socket is near the charging station.
  2. Use the app to scan the code on the charging station.
  3. Take the charging cable and plug it into the car.

Monitor the charging status with the app.

Slower AC ‘destination’ chargers can be a little different. Some of them require you to keep a cable in the car.

EV market updates + new makes and models

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