Opel Mokka-e

opel mokka e
These model(s) are only available second-hand, either locally, or as used imports.

Opel Mokka-e SRi

opel mokka e

The SRi spec includes adaptive cruise control, additional safety warnings, improved exterior styling, a 12″ digital instrument cluster (instead of 7″), 10″ touchscreen (instead of 7″).

From early 2024, only demonstrator models were available, with the car no longer available new.


Used Price (est.)$35,000+


0-100 km/h9 s
Top Speed150 km/h
Total Power100 kW
DriveFront Wheel Drive

Range & Efficiency

WLTP Consumption measures recharged electric energy from the mains (includes charging losses).
WLTP Range363 km
Highway Range278 km
WLTP Consumption145 Wh/km
Charging Cost $3.63/100 km

Battery & Charging

Battery50 kWh / 46.3 kWh
AC speed (max)7.4 kW
DC speed (max)101 kW


Tow Rating- / -
Boot Space310 L / 1060 L
ShapeSmall SUV
Length4151 mm
Width1791 mm
Height1532 mm
Kerb Weight1523 kg

Local reviews on New Zealand roads

Tarmac Life
A shot of Mokka, no ICE – Opel Mokka-E review

"A very solid offering for the segment and one I could easily recommend."

Tarmac Life
Caffeine hit – Opel Mokka-e review

"Overseas, the Mokka (e) has already won a raft of awards,... one look will have you understanding why (even before you drive it). Its looks demand a second glance and the colour scheme are almost as personalizable as the way you take your coffee."

Opel Mokka-e: A family EV that’s actually cool…

"What a striking looking machine and I know looks are subjective, so you may disagree but this is my video so you're wrong. It's a great looking car, I would own it for the looks alone even if I wish it had just a little more power."

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All Time
Last 12 months

The Opel Mokka-e is the 34th best selling new fully electric vehicle (of all time) - in New Zealand. Over the past 12 months, the Opel Mokka-e was the 28th best selling new EV.

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How many Opel Mokka-es have been sold in NZ?

There have been 200 Opel Mokka-es registered in NZ to date. These were all registered as new.

How many sold per month and year

Opel Mokka-e registrations per month and year, (NZ new and used imports combined).

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