Opel Corsa-e

opel corsa e e1652405522524
These model(s) are only available second-hand, either locally, or as used imports.

Opel Corsa-e SRi

opel corsa e e1652405522524

The Corsa-e is available in the top spec SRi variant. From early 2024, only demonstrator models were available.


Used Price (est.)$38k+


0-100 km/h8.1 s
Top Speed150 km/h
Total Power100 kW
DriveFront Wheel Drive

Range & Efficiency

WLTP Consumption measures recharged electric energy from the mains (includes charging losses).
WLTP Range383 km
Highway Range293 km
WLTP Consumption152 Wh/km
Charging Cost $3.80/100 km

Battery & Charging

Battery50 kWh / 46.3 kWh
AC speed (max)7.4 kW
DC speed (max)101 kW


Tow Rating- / -
Boot Space309 L / 1118 L
ShapeSmall Hatchback
Length4060 mm
Width1765 mm
Height1433 mm
Kerb Weight1455 kg

Local reviews on New Zealand roads

2023 Opel Corsa-E | Car Review

"The Opel Corsa-E is a saner, but less stylish, Peugeot 208-e. It’s easier to use and get acquainted with, and Opel’s removed some of the Peugeot’s oddities. Naturally, this removes some of the flair as well, if we’re honest."

"When driving, the Corsa-E has the demeanour of a competent economy car. The performance isn’t going to light your hair on fire, but handling is reasonable and the ride quality on suburban streets was excellent."

Tarmac Life
A brand new course – Corsa-e review

"Whatever you want to call it, the Corsa-e is a compact hatch that’s good for the city and good for the environment too. It comes loaded with features (so much you wonder how Opel squeezed them all in), and has a range that’ll ensure you’re not constantly on the look out for a charger."

Opel Corsa-e: New Zealand’s cheapest Euro electric car?

"It looks great, it goes okay, it's got all the gadgets you could want. Opel might just have a winner on their hands it's up to you the Kiwi motorist to decide."

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All Time
Last 12 months

Over the past 12 months, the Opel Corsa-e was the 44th best selling new EV.

See all EVs ranked in New Zealand.

How many Opel Corsa-e's have been sold in NZ?

There have been 70 Opel Corsa-e's registered in NZ to date. This is made up of 91.4% NZ new and 8.6% used import.

How many sold per month and year

Opel Corsa-e registrations per month and year, (NZ new and used imports combined).

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