LDV eT60

ldv ev t60 e1652405540443

The double-cab eT60 was the first full-electric ute sold in New Zealand. Debuting in 2022, the vehicle experienced modest success until runout at the end of 2023.

These model(s) are only available second-hand, either locally, or as used imports.

LDV eT60

ldv ev t60 e1652405540443


Used Price (est.)$0+


0-100 km/h-
Top Speed120 km/h
Total Power130 kW
DriveRear Wheel Drive

Range & Efficiency

WLTP Consumption measures recharged electric energy from the mains (includes charging losses).
WLTP Range325 km
Highway Range249 km
WLTP Consumption268 Wh/km
Charging Cost $6.70/100 km

Battery & Charging

Battery88.5 kWh / 84.7 kWh
AC speed (max)11 kW
DC speed (max)80 kW


Tow Rating750 kg / 1500 kg
Boot Space- / -
Length5365 mm
Width1900 mm
Height1809 mm
Kerb Weight2300 kg

Local reviews on New Zealand roads

LDV eT60: New Zealand FINALLY has an electric ute – but is it any good?

"About time New Zealand had an electric Ute but does this one have what it takes for kiwi conditions? Well, let's start with the electric motor, which is 130 kilowatts driving its rear."

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Tarmac Life
Shhhh – We drive NZ’s First all-electric ute

"Despite being an EV and therefore having all its 310Nm of torque available from the get go, the EV T60 doesn’t have blistering off the mark speed but you are up to road legal speed limits before you know it."

All Time
Last 12 months

The LDV eT60 is the 31st best selling new fully electric vehicle (of all time) - in New Zealand. Over the past 12 months, the LDV eT60 was the 25th best selling new EV.

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How many LDV eT60s have been sold in NZ?

There have been 260 LDV eT60s registered in NZ to date. These were all registered as new.

How many sold per month and year

LDV eT60 registrations per month and year, (NZ new and used imports combined).

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