NZ EV Fleet Growth

These charts show the size and growth of light electric vehicle fleet in New Zealand.

The number of EVs have been growing slowly and steadily, but fall well short of initial governmental targets (anticipating 64,000 EVs on NZ roads by 2021).

To get a true picture of the EV growth month by month – see the EV vs ICE market share charts.

Total Light EVs in Fleet





Total EVs


Percentage of EVs in Fleet

When viewed as a percentage, the numbers don’t look so good.

BEVs and PHEVs combined make up a tiny proportion of light vehicles on the road. At the beginning of 2022 less than 1 vehicle out of every hundred had a plug.


  • BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle (Full electric).
  • PHEV – Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle (charged externally as well as combustion engine).
  • Fleet: All light vehicles with a registration status of ACTIVE.
By James Foster
Updated as at July 31, 2022