EVs in Operation (the fleet)

The number of active electric vehicles in New Zealand has significantly increased – particularly since the introduction of the Clean Car Discount in 2021.

EVs in operation (the fleet)
This report includes light EVs with an active registration. It’s a snapshot of the makeup of vehicles on NZ roads.

An EV is a vehicle that can be charged externally (Battery Electric Vehicle and Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle).

Total light EVs in the fleet

Fleet data from latest month, showing increase over previous month.

BEV (Battery Electric)


from previous month

PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid)


from previous month

EV (Total)


from previous month

NZ Light Vehicle Fleet

New Zealand’s monthly EV percentage increase

Despite increasing market share, EVs are only a small proportion of vehicles on the road.

At the beginning of 2022, less than one vehicle out of every hundred had a plug. By the end of the year, this had increased to 1 in 67.

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