EV Data: Sources and Definitions


  • EV – Anything with a plug (BEV and PHEV) – as per Waka Kotahi’s definition.
  • BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle (full electric, no combustion engine).
  • PHEV – Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle (a battery that can be charged externally, as well as a combustion engine).
  • Hybrid – Plugless (the MVR databases have various classifications for this).
  • Light vehicle – A vehicle under 3,500 kg and a type of PASSENGER CAR/VAN or GOODS VAN/TRUCK/UTILITY. Includes cars (sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, etc.), small vans (like a Toyota Hiace), and Utes (Ford Ranger, etc.).
  • New vs Used Imports – All vehicles registered in NZ are imported built up. Some have been pre-owned (typically in Japan or the UK).
  • Vehicle Segmentation criteria – based on FCAI.

Data Sources

NZTA Waka Kotahi

  • NZ Fleet Open Datasets: Link.

Ministry of Transport

Some of the data is not great (e.g., all BMW i3, IX3, IX, etc., are all registered as BMW I), so there’s a bit of work to make things understandable.

Fleet vs Registrations

  • Registrations are new (or used import) vehicles coming into the register.
    This gives an understanding of the increase of EVs down to make and model detail.
  • The NZ fleet is much more difficult to measure. Once in the register, the vehicle may have a status of licensed, unlicensed, or on an exemption.

Latest EV market updates + new makes and models

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