EV Data: Sources and Definitions


  • EV – Anything with a plug (BEV and PHEV) – as per Waka Kotahi’s definition.
  • BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle (full electric, no combustion engine).
  • PHEV – Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle (a battery that can be charged externally, as well as a combustion engine).
  • Hybrid – Plugless (the MVR databases have various classifications for this).
  • Light vehicle – A vehicle under 3,500 kg and a type of PASSENGER CAR/VAN or GOODS VAN/TRUCK/UTILITY. Includes cars (sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, etc.), small vans (like a Toyota Hiace), and Utes (Ford Ranger, etc.).
  • New vs Used Imports – All vehicles registered in NZ are imported built up. Some have been pre-owned (typically in Japan or the UK).
  • Vehicle Segmentation criteria – based on FCAI.

Data Sources

The NZ Motor Vehicle Reg database is complex, and the data quality is poor.

Waka Kotahi Open Data (main link)

Ministry of Transport

Some of the data is not great (e.g. all BMW i3, IX3, IX, etc., are all registered as BMW I), so there’s a bit of work to make things understandable.

Fleet vs Registrations

  • Registrations are new (or used import) vehicles coming into the register.
    This gives an understanding of the increase of EVs down to make and model detail.
  • The NZ fleet is much more difficult to measure. Once in the register, the vehicle may have a status of licensed, unlicensed, or on an exemption.

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