EV Home Chargers: The New Zealand Guide

Wall-mounted charging points offer the best solution for charging an EV at home.

A qualified electrician must install the unit. Expect to pay between $500-1200 for the installation – it varies depending on options and the distance from your main circuit board.

Some charger retailers offer a complete package and will quote for the electrical work.

  • Tethered: The cable is built into the charger (you don’t need an extra cable).
  • Untethered: The unit only has a socket. You need your own cable – which will cost around $220+.
  • Charging Speed: All wall chargers are capable of 7.2 kW (32A single-phase charging). If your building has three-phase power, you must choose carefully, as not all chargers are configured for this.
  • The charger will add 100 km of range to an EV in about two hours (calculate EV charging cost).

What chargers are available in New Zealand?

All chargers listed here are the price for the unit only.

Evnex E2

  • Load balancing.
  • Includes solar matching.
  • Different colour options.
  • Tethered
  • Extensive app features, including live grid emissions (from NZ power generation data).
  • Made in New Zealand


Suppliers: Evnex

Tesla Wall Connector

  • Compatible with all Type 2 vehicles (not just Tesla)
  • Tethered


Suppliers: Tesla NZ

MG Chargehub

  • Works with all Type 2 EVs
  • Available in black, grey, or red.
  • Tethered


Suppliers: MG Motors

Beny / EV Power Wall Charger

  • Multiple configurations (tethered, untethered, smart, non-smart)
  • Load balancing.
  • Extra: solar matching.
  • (EV Power is a rebadged Beny charger for the NZ market).


$1,300 – tethered with solar matching

Suppliers: OEM Power, DriveEV

EO Mini Pro 2

  • Smallest wall box
  • Extra: Load balancing
  • Extra: Solar matching
  • Socket only (untethered)


Suppliers: OEM Audio

Smart EV Wall charger

  • Includes load balancing
  • Tethered (5m cable)


Suppliers: Smart EV Chargers

Wallbox Pulsar Plus

  • Tethered (5m).
  • Black or white
  • Mywallbox app


Suppliers: Chargemaster, Transnet

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