EV Roundup

The Fastest EVs in New Zealand

The quickest electric cars in NZ 🔥 EVs are known for their instant torque and speed off the mark. Acceleration speed is not just a vanity spec – it reveals more about the drivetrain than battery size or motor power output alone. Batteries are heavy, so a larger battery requires more power to move the

10 Cheapest Electric Cars in New Zealand

Find the cheapest EVs in both the new and used market, along with best value vehicles in terms of range. Cheapest new EVs Click vehicle for specs 1. MG 4 51 Excite RANGE350km PRICE$46,990 AFTER REBATE$39,975 2. GWM Ora RANGE310km PRICE$47,900 AFTER REBATE$40,885 3. MG ZS EV RANGE320km PRICE$47,990 AFTER REBATE$40,975 4. Nissan Leaf 40 kWh RANGE270km PRICE$49,990 AFTER

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