EV Resources


Find emissions and clean car rebate info for any car.

Power Trip
NZ built app for planning EV trips.

Better Route Planner
Trip planning with chargers en route

Drive Electric
Not-for-profit lobby group (with lots of great info).

GEN Less EV resources
Guide to EVs in NZ. Good total cost of ownership tool.

EECA Guide to EV uptake in NZ

Public Charging Networks in NZ

Charge Net (charging network)

OpenLoop (in some Z energy servos)

Hikotron (AC charging only)

Jolt (starting 2023)

Companies that install home chargers

Jet Charge
(AU-based, started in NZ in 2022).

Manufacture, supply, and installation of EV chargers.

EV Conversion

Dunedin business converting ICE cars to EVs.

Vehicle Blogs / Publications

EVs and Beyond
My favorite EV news source.

Vehicle listings and commentary (NZME).

Motoring publication with good EV coverage.

The Driven
Extensive Australian EV site.

EVs and Climate Change

Excellent study on CO2 mitigation